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Ordinary people with an Extraordinary God

The following people are all from different family backgrounds, ages and occupations. But despite their diversity they all have one thing in common, they have a living relationship with God. This was not something that they were born with - indeed no one is born into a living relationship with God, but rather they have entered that relationship through Jesus Christ. As you read through their stories written in their own words, you will see a common theme. There was a time when they realised that they needed God's forgiveness for all that is wrong and imperfect in their lives. They came to the understanding that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again from the dead in order to pay their penalty for all their failure, guilt and shame. Through their acceptance of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, they have complete forgiveness from their past, enjoy a new life with God in the present and have a certain hope of eternal life with God when they die. This has given a true meaning and purpose to their lives. That meaning and purpose can be yours too if you turn to Jesus Christ as your Lord. Enjoy reading about ordinary people, who have discovered an extraordinary God.

Martin Bennett, A fourth year Law Student

Owen Maule, A Computer Programmer

Sandra Aderhold Story of Good News

Sarah Casey - I Will Never Walk Alone Again

Katie Hopkins - I Thought That I Lived A 'Good' Life

Matt Yates - My Life Is So Much More Fulfilling Now

Rachel Anderson - I Believed That God Was Just A Made-Up Legend

Good-Bye Atheism by Neil McKenzie

Suffering, One Couples True Story

Suffering From an Address Given by John Risbridger

Rob Gordon's Story - the Reality of Jesus

Steve Smith's Story - Disability and Christianity

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